JoJo’s World Comes Tumbling Down In ‘Sabotage’

JoJo has been taking her fans on a journey through her feelings. From disappointment present in the teaser single “Joanna” to the introspective breakup ballad “Sabotage,” this latest era of the former child prodigy’s career hasn’t been anywhere near bright and happy. JoJo continues to reflect and express regret in the recently released music video for “Sabotage.”

Filmed on location in Los Angeles and directed by James Larese, JoJo comes into the picture shrouded in a black hooded jacket and carrying a red suitcase. It soon becomes clear that she isn't taking your average afternoon stroll around the city when she drops the suitcase and it cracks the sidewalk when it cracks open and an animated red heart floats out. With that literal and figurative baggage left behind, Ms. Levesque pats at her teary eyes and starts walking. As she keeps it moving and sheds items of clothing, her environment shifts to reflect how she’s feeling internally and letting stuff go. Buildings crumble, storefront windows shatter and fire falls from the sky as she blames herself for the breakup and tries to make sense of it all. JoJo eventually meets up with rapper CHIKA, and the pair share a moment of introspection and come to a more balanced way of looking at the situation.

The "Sabotage" visual ends with JoJo standing atop a pile of rubble and surveying the destruction around her. She doesn't look like what she's been through, instead standing there strong and in control as another song plays faintly in the background. We don't know if that snippet is JoJo's next song, but we're eager to find out. While we speculate, watch JoJo's surreal walk around L.A.

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