Ro James Sets A Sexy Scene In ‘Last Time’

Singer/songwriter/sex symbol Ro James recently popped up with his new single, “Last Time,” just in time for cuffing season. Written by James and his “Permission” collaborators Verse Simmonds and Soundz, “Last Time” is a lothario love anthem where the artist is enticing a woman to leave her man – at least for one night. Now he’s sharing a sexy and salacious visual for the track.

Directed by Sarah McColgan, we find a lonely young woman calling for Ro to come out and play while her man’s away. Ro, already in the embrace of a different woman, gets the message and hurries over to see old girl. He pulls up in his whip and flexes a bit in the driveway before making his way through the moonlit hallways. He walks through her mansion like he owns the place, ready to wine and dine her in her home like he’s her man for real.  Ro and his sugar momma then proceed to engage in some suggestive behavior, just short of doing the nasty for the camera. The highlight of the clip is a Jacuzzi scene, where Ro sits in the water straddled by his lover’s legs.

“Last Time” is the first single from Ro James’s upcoming album, RO-MANTIC. Watch Mr. James work his sexy magic right here.

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