Terrace Martin & Family Dip Into Their Jazz Bag On ‘The Deuce’

Multitalented musician Terrace Martin has friends across the musical community, working with everyone from Kendrick Lamar to Robert Glasper, not to mention his own people like Rose Gold. But his latest project is a family affair, The Martin Family Trio, working with family friend Larry Goldings on the keys and his father Curly Martin on the drums. Of the track, Terrace shared, “My family is really groovy. Everyone dances and smiles, and I wanted to write something real groovy like that. “

“The Deuce” is a jazz instrumental track that has a loose, vibey feel. While the low-key tempo and arrangement remain largely the same throughout the track, there are slights touches to the instrumentation that feel like you’re sitting in on a jam session with talented musicians. Along with the track, Martin has also shared a complimentary video. The visual for “The Deuce” takes the viewers on walk through Japan. You get to experience the sights of a culture that is different from your own, while in the zone with a sound that feels right at home. It all blends perfectly together as one culture appreciates and enhances the other.

Terrace has also shared a mini-documentary about "The Deuce," sharing some information on how the audio and the video were created. The song is named after an area of Curly’s hometown of Omaha, Nebraska where he would play music, and the vibe they were creating the studio reminded him of his experiences in the ‘60s. As far as the video, Terrace says, “We have allies all over the world in the art community. And in the art community, Japan has always been an ally. So, I wanted to give back something just to say ‘We love you.’”

Get in on Terrace Martin and The Martin Family Trio's groovy jam session by pressing play below.

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