Jessie Reyez Shares New Singles ‘No Sweat’ & ‘Love In The Dark’ Ahead Of Debut Album ‘Before Love Came To Kill Us’

Photo Credit: Philip Harris

GRAMMY-nominated artist Jessie Reyez is preparing to have a huge 2020. After whetting our appetite with her debut EP Being Human in Public featuring songs like “Imported” and “Body Count,” the singer-songwriter is getting ready to deliver her debut album Before Love Came To Kill Us on March 27th. In anticipation of the project, she’s dropped two new songs, “No Sweat” and “Love In The Dark.”

“No Sweat,” which debuted in a Secret deodorant commercial, is a feminist anthem. "Yeah, you workin' hard for the top spot, just watch it manifest / I'm a rose and a king at the same time, that's what a woman is,” she proudly proclaims. The shifting sound bed and vocals from Reyez are reminiscent of the best uptempo moments of her fellow country-woman Nelly Furtado.

In contrast to the girl power manifesto “No Sweat,” “Love In The Dark” is a slow, almost brooding power ballad that finds the star reminiscing over a love that is over. “When the stars are falling down, there’s love in the dark,” she sings. While Reyez’s unique tone may not be everyone’s jam, the honest and raw lyrics hit home, as her honesty and simplicity shine. Basically, she doesn’t paint herself as the good guy but also doesn’t seem like the bad guy. It’s complicated. What isn’t complicated is the video, that sees Reyez wading in the water under a darkening sky, contemplating past relationships and future moves. It’s a simple yet beautiful clip.

“No Sweat” and “Love In The Dark” join “Far Away” and a cover of Patsy Cline’s “Crazy” as singles for Before Love Came To Kill Us. Reyez is nominated for the GRAMMY for Best Urban Contemporary Album for her 2018 EP, Being Human in Public. That might sound a bit strange considering Before Love Came To Kill Us will be her official debut, but given all the behind-the-scenes drama poppin' off at the Recording Academy, we’ll let that underrated project ride. Jessie Reyez's album Before Love Came To Kill Us is available now for pre-order.

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