Justin Bieber Serves Up A Bland Video For ‘Yummy’

Pop star Justin Bieber took some time away from music but he's back and is getting quite the welcome thanks to his new single "Yummy." While we weren't too impressed by the "R&Bieber" effort, it seems everyone else can't get enough of the track. So much so that the video for the track, which dropped Saturday morning, has already amassed more that 17 million views. So, what exactly is there to savor about it?

It begins with the Biebs walking into a ritzy restaurant through the back entrance dressed in Pepto-Bismol pink from his hair follicles to his kicks. There doesn't seem to be any significance to the color (other than perhaps an omen of what's to come) but there is a definite weirdness to the restaurant. The patrons there are eating fancy delicacies straight from a '50s cookbook while an oddly dressed string quartet plays. As soon as he takes a seat at his table, the trippy clip really gets started as the bass kicks in and everyone seems to want a seat at his table. He entertains them as he sings the track while most of the diners ooh and ahh over suspect-looking entrées and literally shove handfuls of food into their mouths. Because this is a pop video, of course there's a dance break near the end of the clip. It's a pretty lackluster one, though, with JB hoping on a table as the diners jam with him in unison.

"Yummy" is pretty much what you'd expect from a Justin Bieber video which makes us think that his "R&Bieber" era will pretty much be more of the same. If you're hungry for what he has to offer, though, be our guest and help yourself to the clip below.