Lion Babe Are Back To Make It ‘Hot In Herre’

Lion Babe had a pretty good 2019, with last year seeing the release of their Cosmic Wind. The set saw its fair share of spins and took the New York-based duo on a world tour. Now that 2020 is upon us, it seems that the twosome is showing no signs of stopping, dropping off the latest in their long line of covers with the release of their new single "Hot In Herre."

The nearly 20-year-old cut has been a party starter ever since Nelly brought it to the top of the charts back in 2002. However, you've never heard "Hot In Herre" quite like Lion Babe does it. They reimagine the track as a soulful house number thanks to Astro Raw's downtempo production that's both icy cool and smokin' hot thanks to chilly synth chords mingling with a warm, rich bass line. Further bringing the heat is the group's singer Jillian Hervey, who spices things up with a quick-tongued delivery and breathy coos that take Nelly's lyrics to places they've never been before. We don't know if it's the feminine touch Jillian brings to it or Astro's skillful production (or, more likely than not, both), but something about their take makes this track feel even sexier and without a doubt hotter than it's ever sounded.

If you're not afraid of a little heat, then we suggest you go ahead and give the track a spin. And then, after you find yourself running it back as many times as we did, do yourself a favor and purchase the track for further listening pleasure — clothing optional, of course.

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