Luke James Is Ready To ‘Blow’

Luke James is on our list for one of the most anticipated albums of the year with his upcoming to feel love/d. He's been tempting and teasing with sensual jams like "go girl" and "All Of Your Love." He's got yet another tantalizing treat to offer with the release of the project's latest single "Blow."

"Blow" finds Luke's instrument in fine form as he taps into his abilities over a minimalist arrangement. The song forgoes the use of drums completely, an interesting move for a track so steeped in R&B. You won't miss them, though, as the crooner is heard from the song's onset. His falsetto is one of the first things we hear. "Here by your side, I let go / I float onto a place where time slows / And all this time, we both know, oh-oh / That what we feel, we don't control," he sings over the strains of rhythm and bass guitar moving at a sensual pace. It all fits as Luke sings about the natural high that occurs during the act of lovemaking.

We have a feeling that this one's already got his fans feeling a certain way and, honestly, we don't blame them. Our anticipation for what Luke James has coming is at a fever pitch. Our wait will soon be over, though, as to feel love/d is scheduled to drop on January 31st — just a few days after his To Feel Love/d Tour kicks off. Prepare yourself for what's coming your way by listening to "Blow" right now. But be warned, you might want to have your lover close when you do so.

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