Summer Walker & Usher Invite You To ‘Come Thru’ For A Late-Night Creep

Singer-songwriter – and quite possibly the most elusive chanteuse ever – Summer Walker doesn’t mind taking inspiration from past hits to make new smashes for here and now. Her single “Playing Games” interpolated lyrics from Destiny’s Child’s “Say Name” to create a track that resonated with fans. She returns to the well of '90s R&B for her current single “Come Thru,” which samples Usher’s “You Make Me Wanna.” As an added bonus, she actually invited Usher to come through to join her on the song.

Produced by Summer’s boyfriend London on da Track, “Come Thru” is about getting down with your side piece when the main dish isn't looking. “You make me want to come through, quarter after two / Just to put it down on you,” she seductively sings on the chorus. Usher reprises a few lyrics from "You Make Me Wanna," adding in a few changes to fit the creeping theme. “Before anything happens between us / Be sure you’re ten toes down before I pull out this car (pull it),” he croons, letting Summer know he’s not playing games.

For the video, Summer heads to Decatur where it’s greater for some late-night antics at the 285 Flea Market. Directed by Lacey Duke, the dark and brooding visual is also sleek and sexy. Summer is wasting some time after the club, riding motorcycles and flexing their big body Chevys under the fluorescent-lit night sky. Meanwhile, Usher pulls up to the scene in a classic ride then breaks out into some of his choreography from the video for “You Make Me Wanna” flanked by two dancers. Adding to the nostalgia, the original song's producer Jermaine Dupri even makes a brief appearance. Summer and Usher keep their interaction to a minimum as they have the run of the closed Flea Market, and the video ends with the pair kicking it outside of Usher's whip.

While Summer may not be much of a talker or like interacting with people in social situations, she certainly looks comfortable in front of the camera and comes through dripping with sex appeal in "Come Thru." Watch hot girl Summer and heartthrob Usher in action, and pick up Summer Walker's album Over It if it's not a part of your collection yet.

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