Charlie Wilson Salutes Black Love In ‘Forever Valentine’

Charlie Wilson made sure to drop the music video for his groovy new single "Forever Valentine" just in time for Valentine's Day, and it's only fitting that the visual for the song referencing the lover's holiday is filled with examples of love – Black love to be specific.

In "Forever Valentine," director Easton West gives us a front-row seat at a wedding where Wilson serves as both the officiant at the ceremony and the entertainment at the reception. Uncle Charlie marries a handsome couple who are surrounded by loved ones on both sides of the aisle. Leading up to the nuptials, we see members of their families showing love to each other in various ways. There's the young man sending his boo a smiling selfie from the basketball court, a dad making heart-shaped pancakes for his family while his wife loves up on him and a more mature couple enjoying each other's company while wrapping gifts. The bride is even seen toasting it up with her girls before she walks down the aisle. Later, everyone is suited and booted at the ceremony and watching the two become one. After the wedding, it's time for the reception, which looks and feels more like an after party. Charlie performs the song and sings for his life on a stage while steppers take over the dance floor. Of course, no Black wedding reception is complete without an Electric Slide, and this video makes sure to include one.

Press play on Charlie Wilson's "Forever Valentine" to watch this Black love fest in action and to peep the most lit wedding reception you'll wish you would've been invited to.

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