Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes Are Creating The ‘Kinda Music’ We Love To Hear

Photo Credit: Bardha Krasniqi

It's become clear that the musical brilliance of Tom Misch can't be contained on a solo record. Perhaps this is why the talented Brit has notched quite an array of collaborations over the years – joining creative forces with everyone from De La Soul to Michael Kiwanuka. Still, his latest partnership with ingenious drummer producer Yussef Dayes is an unexpected treat, yielding the fusion album What Kinda Music due April 24th via Blue Note Records.

While the project marks the first time the two men have worked together, they have a surprising connection that dates back to their childhood days. Both grew up in the same area of South East London. And Misch even recalls seeing Dayes play drums for the first time in an elementary school talent show. It's a wonder that they didn't link up before now, but the timing is just right for our listening ears.

The title track provides a stunning aural and visual preview of what's to come. Ironically, the song's intro is marked by seemingly random drum beats that might literally cause one to ask, "What kinda music...?" But all doubts are quickly subdued as Tom's atmospheric vocals coast over a textured composition that weaves electronica, classical strings, progressive jazz, vintage hip-hop beats and a dash of soul. Auteur Douglas Bernardt takes the artistry a step further with an enigmatic and compelling music video to accompany the tune.

We're so glad there's more where this came from. In the meantime, scroll down to experience "What Kinda Music" then head to your favorite digital service to purchase a copy of the track. You can also pre-order What Kinda Music ahead of the April 24th premiere.

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