BOSCO Ponders Memory & Connection With Her ‘Piano Song’

BOSCO is back, y'all. The singer-songwriter has been bouncing around releasing singles here and there and appearing on projects like Phonte's Pacific Time since the release of her last EP, b., in 2017. Now she's ready to grace us with a new project entitled Some Day This All Will Make Sense. The project promises to be a personal one for the singer, and she's introducing it with lead single "Piano Song."

"Piano Song" finds BOSCO facing regret about the times she's put her career over family and friends. "Sorry for all those times / Important dates / I spent away / Moments I can't replace," she sings on the opening verse. The verse is sung over a loop of jazzy piano (hence the song's title) before the beat drops, adding laid-back drums and a few synths in the mix to round things out. She continues wondering if she's missed out on making precious memories throughout the course of the track, resolving on the chorus to pour up some drank and break out the camera to create some new ones.

BOSCO also released a one-minute video to accompany the song and reinforce its themes. We see the singer skating around a sunny rooftop with a partner. However, though they get close, they can never seem to actually embrace each other. Instead, their grasps constantly slip away.

Some Day This All Will Make Sense is scheduled to drop on April 1st, and we suggest you go ahead and pre-order it now. But first get into the groove and visual for "Piano Song" right here.

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