Follow Lola Young To Her Bedroom For A ‘Pick Me Up’

As she prepares for the release of a new EP next month, South London songstress Lola Young continues to give fans a peek as to what they can expect from the forthcoming project. Her single "Pick Me Up" served as the perfect counter to cuffing season, and now she returns with an equally candid music video.

For the intimate feature directed by The Rest, Lola invites viewers into her bedroom where she performs the track facing the camera head-on. We watch as she moves from the bed to a chair to the floor, while seemingly random imagery unfolds in the background. Equally perplexing is the smearing of her blood red, matte lipstick across her porcelain doll face at the end of the video. Might this action serve as a metaphor for her imperfections? Perhaps, the broken love affair has driven her mad? While we can’t say for sure, her knack for creating striking visuals is clear (see also her visual for "Blind Love") and we are excited for more.

Watch Lola Young’s “Pick Me Up” video and grab the single from your digital platform of choice. Her forthcoming EP Renaissance is due out on April 21st and is said to be “based around love and longing and being a young girl living in South London falling in and out of love.” While she hopes the three-track EP will “take people on a short but meaningful journey,” we’re hoping these abbreviated projects lead up to a full album.

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