It’s Finally ‘Harvest Time’ For Charlotte Dos Santos

For three years, Charlotte Dos Santos has tilled, cultivated, planted and nourished the inner spaces of her mind. Watered by healing tears and the creative sweat of her brow, what began as scattered seeds of introspection has sprouted and bloomed into a musical bounty called Harvest Time.

It almost seems unfair. This privilege we have as listeners to devour the fruits of someone else's labor. Yet here we are, savoring every track with unabashed enjoyment. Dos Santos has given us her blessing to partake, though, so we don't have to feel guilty about consuming Harvest Time. "I look at the project as an interlude and intro – an invitation into my sphere and head," she says. "I hope everyone can take the time to drift away for the duration of the EP and feel something after listening!" She's being modest because the collection will stir your soul from the first note to the last.

Like the natural resources of her native lands – Brazil and Norway – the album delivers a rich landscape of lush instrumentals and substantive lyrics, perfumed with Charlotte's gorgeous, flowery vocals. Previous standouts "Harvest Time" and "Helio" are even more affecting as part of the cohesive five-track set. Nestled between the two tracks is the piano-driven "Padre," a beautifully poignant reflection about a paternal relationship. Spellbinding instrumental "The Snow Dance" is an orchestral masterpiece that doubles as an intro to "Josef," a dream-like narrative with heavenly background harmonies.

Harvest Time is a must for your playlist, not just because it's an incredible project, but because in these uncertain times, Charlotte invites us to "...listen to some music and remember this is not forever."  Preview the album below and keep up with the artist via her website for updates on her postponed tour.

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