Lion Babe Is Golden In ‘Cosmic Wind’

It's been quite the year for our faves Lion Babe. The duo came correct with their sophomore set Cosmic Wind and have recently been giving us amazing new visuals in the lead up to the album's official anniversary. Now that that's here, we get a visual for the set's laid-back title track "Cosmic Wind."

The video, like many of the others taken from the set, is all about the vibe. The song itself is one of the chillest grooves we've ever heard, and they capture the feel beautifully. We see the duo chilling in nature enjoying the breeze. Singer Jillian Hervey even catches some of it in her rippling golden cape. Speaking of gold, that's the motif of the video. Both Jillian and Astro Raw are captured in shades of it, with Jillian playing golden goddess with blonde locks to match, in various moments in the clip. A golden-hued filter is also added, making everything appear to be even more sun-kissed and luxurious as they twosome frolic in the sun's golden rays. It's enough to make us miss all the outdoor living we'd be enjoying this spring if it weren't for the quarantine being experienced the world over.

The music is relaxing. The visual is stunning. And, let's face it, Astro and Jillian look damn good in this one. Get into the "Cosmic Wind" music video below and join us in anticipating whatever move Lion Babe makes next.

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