BOSCO Reassures Us All On ‘Some Day This Will All Make Sense’ EP & Drops By ‘COLORS’ With ‘Paid In Full’

When we first heard that singer-songwriter BOSCO had not only launched her very own Slug Records label but was also preparing for the release of a new project, we knew we were in for a treat. Though it’s been three years since her last EP, she’s managed to stay on the tips of everyone’s tongues with a handful of singles and features and had already made quite a name for herself as a multimedia artist. Now, much to our delight, she has blessed us all her aptly titled new project Some Day This Will All Make Sense, and her timing couldn’t be more perfect.

Appealing to both auditory and visual senses, each of the seven tracks are accompanied by one-minute vignettes. She says the project “narrates stories of growth and realization at the intersection of music, art and design.” She explains, “It focuses on how everything is connected to the purpose of your journey – that eventually, in the end, everything will make sense. Trust the process of evolution knowing that you are guided by spirit and vision. Everything with intention.” At a time when emotions are unsettled and enveloped in uncertainty, her inspiring message and vibrant energy lifts our mood far beyond the EP's 21 minutes.

She kicks things off with a lively bop about living in the moment entitled “Champagne.” She keeps this same carefree energy on “Attention” as she attempts to gain the affection of a certain suitor, and the vibes keep flowing on the breezy track “Take Off.” The laid-back groove “4th Of July” follows and literally feels like a day spent laying on a blanket, daydreaming and gazing up at summer’s blue sky. Things take a wavy turn on “Petal” before we transition to the project’s lead single, and perhaps its most introspective track, “Piano Song.” She ends things on an unbothered note with "Paid In Full" and recently performed the “I'ma do me” anthem on the COLORS platform.

Adorned in amber hues, earth tones and a beret, she delivers a passionately radiant performance despite declaring that nerves had set in via a later social media post. Clearly, BOSCO is holding her own space, with room for much more. We’re excited to experience all that she has in store and applaud her launching out and creating a platform for other multidisciplinary artists.

BOSCO Some Day This Will All Make Sense [Amazon][iTunes][Google Play]

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