Cousin Takes Their Love To ‘Infinity’ & Beyond

Remember fun? We're not talking doing a puzzle or playing a board game fun. The fun we're visualizing is the kind that comes with attending a kickback with the homies where the brown liquor is flowing and the good times are rolling. That's the kind of feeling that our faves Cousin seem to conjure up in their music, which we've been turning to a lot during these strange times. If you've listened to Cousin, Vol. 1, then you know the deal. Just in case you don't, though, allow us to direct you to their new video for "Infinity."

The party gets started with an colorful, intergalactic background. What seems kind of gimmicky at first soon turns to something cool as images of the group's singers Kreion and Rob Milton and a few other guests are superimposed over it in black-and-white. It's a simple effect that goes the extra mile in making things visually interesting. What's also interesting is seeing Kreion and Rob get on like the best of friends at the small get-together they're attending. In fact, they make filming the clip look like a whole lot of fun and make us long for a time when we can link up with our folks and just hang.

We all could use some good vibes right now. So, go ahead and bounce along with everyone's favorite Cousin when you check out the clip for "Infinity" right here.

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