Devin Morrison Is Feeling A ‘Lil’ Lonely”

Sisters, how y'all feel? Brother's, y'all alright? This quarantine life is enough to give even the most introverted homebodies a strong case of cabin fever. One thing that brings us comfort, though, is to know that we're not alone in this. Even our favorite artists are going stir crazy while staying home to help ease the effects of the global pandemic going on outside our windows. That includes Devin Morrison. The R&B singer-songwriter is using his time indoors to tap into his creativity, offering up a new track to help pass the time called "Lil' Lonely."

"Lil' Lonely" taps into the feelings of isolation that are completely natural in the situation we all find ourselves in at the moment. Over a soul groove that includes a smooth bass guitar, tinkling keys and simple drums, Devin gets his momentary feels out while thinking of his friends. "I'll be alright / I'm just a lil' lonely," he sings. "I've been losing my mind / Missing my homies (so hold me tight next time)." He even compiled a video of past shenanigans with friends. We see images of his homies — which include fellow artist Joyce Wrice and social media star Jay Versace — as he sings wistfully of the next time they meet.

Devin Morrison has already impressed us once this year with "Casper" and this new track only raises the already high bar he's set. Here's hoping he's got plenty more in store from where this jam came from. You can check it out right here, right now and purchase "Lil' Lonely" via Bandcamp.

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