H.E.R. Is Anywhere But In The ‘Wrong Places’ With Her New Single From NBC’s ‘Songland’

It's every songwriter's dream to have a GRAMMY-winning artist record his/her material. This past week, one lucky hopeful on NBC's Songland got that chance when H.E.R. served as a guest judge where she got to handpick her newest single, "Wrong Places" penned by contestant Raquel Castro.

After declaring that she was searching for a song that "somebody has written from the heart, something I know is gonna make me feel something," she was faced with choosing from three different songs that the contestants had worked with the show's team of expert songwriters/producers Ester Dean, Shane McAnally and Ryan Tedder. While she was blown away by all of the entries, it was Castro's song that impressed her the most. "I love this song so much," she says after hearing the final product. "It feels so good."

At the show's conclusion, H.E.R. premiered the full song while also taking to social media to perform an acoustic version of the lovelorn ballad. Produced by DJ Camper, the song's guitar and tender lyrics are a perfect match for H.E.R.'s signature sound. She does little to alter Castro's arrangement, proving that young hopeful has a good knack for delivering on what an artist is looking for.

"Wrong Places" is currently available on all streaming services. Check out the song's lyric video along with H.E.R.'s acoustic rendition below.

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