Missy Elliott Completes Her Masterpiece With ‘Cool Off’

In her 23-year solo career, Missy Elliott has provided us with future-leaning music made to rock from the bedroom to the club to the stage. But perhaps even more dynamic than her music (which is saying a lot) are her music videos. She's continued this tradition for the videos from her recent EP ICONOLOGY: "Throw It Back," "DripDemeanor" and "Why I Still Love You." She's now finishing off the visuals for the set with a clip for the rump shaker "Cool Off."

The video finds us back at the Museum of Missy, though this time we get directly to the point as Missy Elliott and her dancers are shown as bronze sculptures. They don't stay still for long, though. Everything erupts into a neon-colored puff of smoke and then she and her dancers make their things shake to the music. Missy, always known to be experimental, adds a twist as she wobbles around in an eye-popping sequined number that somehow keeps up with the beat. And, in case you were wondering how they would incorporate the museum theme, we're taken back to Teyana Taylor as the zany tour guide who's educating the youth about the contributions of the hip-hop legend. We're then treated to the youngster she's guiding showing off her own moves to an edited version of the track, showing us that Missy's magic endures.

We're definitely glad to have Missy Elliott back on the block. Here's hoping that she's down to give us a full album of that Missy magic on the next go 'round.

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