Russell Taylor Shares What He Wants To Do ‘Come Morning’

Russell Taylor has always been one of our faves here at SBHQ. That's why we were anxiously awaiting news of new music from the talented singer-songwriter. Well, now our wait is over as Russell has dropped "Come Morning," his first new single since releasing his stellar EP Tin Man: The Blue in 2017.

Russell is back on the sexier side of things for this one. The song is warmed with a vibrating bass line,  synth chords and a steady pace kept by the drums as he aims to seduce. However, unlike many of his other love songs, Russell isn't looking for a lingering affair this go 'round. It's a one-night-only type of performance. "No emotion / Don't really want a love or devotion / Slow dosing / So little time to do what grownups do," he sings at one point. If you're worried that he's out here breaking hearts now, it's all good. His vocal partner-in-crime Angélique Cinélu is fully aware of what the deal is as she contributes a brief female perspective, letting us know that she's "got tonight but nothing more" to make this a memorable occasion.

We always knew that we could rely on Russell Taylor for timeless ballads that tug at the heart. With "Come Morning," he reminds us that he can also turn us on just as effortlessly. Allow him to fog up your windows with his latest and then relive the moment again and again by picking up your own copy of the track.

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