India.Arie Offers Tranquility & Love With Her Short Film ‘Welcome Home (Crazy/Sacred Space)’

India.Arie offered her signature brand of healing soul with the release of her most recent album Worthy in February of last year. The project has had some legs since then, with singles like "That Magic" and "What If" catching on with the public and keeping India's latest on the lips of music lovers. India keeps the flame for the album burning bright with the release of short film Welcome Home, which combines visuals for Worthy tracks "Crazy" and "Sacred Space."

The clips first half serves as a continuation of sorts from her "That Magic" video. Actor Lyriq Bent reprises his role as India's boo, with the twosome making it official in a peaceful hillside commune. The clip chronicles their love affair with one another. The tie the knot in a bohemian chic ceremony, align their chakras in a yoga studio that would be an architect's dream and then end up in each other's arms while lounging in a hammock in the sun.

The short's second half switches out leading men, with Luke Cage's Mustafa Shakir stepping into the role. This section of the clip is bathed in an ethereal white light as India dons a familiar all-white look and even does some contemporary dance with Mustafa at her side. The video's color palette shows the richness of the actor's brown skin and the black love that they are sharing. Interestingly enough, Lyriq comes back to into the picture at the clip's end, taking India's hand and leading her back to a reality where she sits in mediation.

According to a press release, the singer is releasing Welcome Home in conjunction with the #worthyandwell campaign, a partnership between India.Arie and The Big We which will culminate with a week-long virtual wellness series called The Wellness Of We during the last week of May (May 25th-May 31st). More details about the events have yet to be provided, but we're sure that India and The Big We will provide more information as the event draws near.

Until then, get into India.Arie's double vision when you watch "Welcome Home."

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