PJ Isn’t With The Fake In ‘Counterfeit’

The last time we checked in with PJ, the singer was riding high on her kiss-off "One Missed Call." We definitely like that cut but we're always open to hear more hotness from PJ's way. Luckily, that's exactly what she's got as she's dropped new single and video "Counterfeit."

Where "One Missed Call" was dedicated to a lover who couldn't get his ish together, PJ is going after all the fake people in her life for "Counterfeit." The track comes on strong with a bass line accented by the clap of programmed drums and faint piano keeping the melody. Meanwhile, PJ calls out all the dudes who are out here on that foolywang tip. "Counterfeit / You a b***h," she sings bluntly. "I can't help it that you're on some coward s**t." Cold-blooded!

She continues putting those on that sham mess on blast in the song's video. Looking cute in a variety of outfits —including a turquoise number, a cow-print piece and silver joint that shows off all her curves — the singer-songwriter tells it like it is. There aren't any fellas in the video, however. Instead, she seems to be calling out the different versions of her self who are on different levels of fakery. It's a candy-colored exercise that is more than a little fun to watch.

PJ has big things poppin' as she's set to drop her new EP, Waiting For Paris, this week on May 29th. As you get ready for what she has in store, take a peek at "Counterfeit" right here.

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