The SoulBounce Q&A: Brandy Gets Deep About New Album ‘B7’ & Shares The Moment LaShawn Daniels Helped Her Understand Her Talent

SB: I don’t want to hold much more of your time, but I have a few more quick questions for you. One, what is your favorite music video that you’ve ever done?

B: Umm… "Baby." That's my favorite music video. But...wait, you know what? "Baby Mama." I loooove the "Baby Mama" video. So, "Baby Mama" and "Baby" are neck and neck right now.

SB: What’s one song that you’ve heard that you wish was yours?

B: "No Air" by Jordin Sparks. James Fauntleroy wrote that song and I love James and think he’s amazing.

SB: I know everyone’s asked you about the Verzuz thing. Do you have anyone that you’d like to do it with?

B: I'm open to Verzuz but I'm not like, "I want to battle this person" or "I want to battle that person." I’m so focused on what I’m doing right now with my own new music that I’m not trying to compete with anybody. But, again, I’m open to it because I think it's a great way to celebrate music and just celebrate the music that I’ve been able to do and experience. That’s the reason why I’m open to it. But I'm not trying to battle and compete with anybody. [giggles] That’s not what I’m here for.

SB: And the fans want to know, is there a possibility of Brandy doing a gospel album?

B: Absolutely. That’s definitely [going to happen]. Now that I have my own label and I have more control over my music, I want to do everything that I’ve ever dreamed about doing in music and gospel is definitely one of those things. And country.

SB: Country? Really?

B: Yesssss. Of course! I’m not just no R&B singer. I’m a singer, so I try to sing different things. I'm versatile. So, I'd love to do a gospel album and do country. That would be awesome. Listen to "Everything I Do" on the Never Say Never album!

SB: You know what? You have a point! OK, I feel you.

B: [laughs] You feel me?

SB: I feel you! OK, So we here at SoulBounce like to ask what makes your soul bounce? What keeps you and your drive going?

B: My purpose. My purpose is music and my family. My family keeps me going and music keeps me alive and I live every day to do music and to be here for my family to be an example. A role model.

SB: If you were remembered for one thing, what would that one thing be?

B: That I gave everything my all and I did it with love and compassion.

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