Amber Mark Offers Protest & Solidarity With ‘My People’

Quarantine hasn't stopped songstress Amber Mark from making her voice heard. Her "COVERED-19"series saw her offering new cover songs, including a soulful version of "Heart-Shaped Box." She's just as inspired by the current social unrest igniting throughout the country as well, and she's offering up another cover in support of the movement — this time channeling Eddie Kendricks with a cover of his '70s track "My People...Hold On."

She's shortened the track's name to "My People" but she keeps the song's sentiment the same. This includes a simple arrangement of keys, bongos and drums, which allows for the song's message to shine. Amber begins things with a quiet intensity as she chants, "Hold on, my people." She then settles into the lyrics of the track, which call for unity and peace. "The time has come, in this land / When lion must, lay down with the lamb / Brothers and sisters, live side by side," she sings. "Hold on to love, let its light be your guide." While she calls for peace, she also makes sure to add in calls for justice and incorporates the sound of sirens to bring the song into the now.

Like other releases from the series, Amber also offers a visual for the track. She and four dancers gather in what appears to be a tree-filled park in gauzy, flowy dresses as they dance through the track. The moves here are, of course, more interpretive in nature with the ladies forming beautiful shapes through graceful movements. It culminates with them all grouping together with fists raised and stern looks on their face as they call for justice.

You can check out both the single and visual below. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues (and doesn't seem to be letting up in the US anytime soon), we imagine that we'll be hearing a lot more from Amber Mark in the near future.

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