Celeste Encourages Us With A Vision For ‘Change’

In general, this year has put a damper on our collective mood. But thankfully, there are still moments that make us smile and give us hope. British-Jamaican artist Celeste is the latest musician to deliver a boost to our spirits with her current single, "I Can See the Change." Her timing is perfect, because with all that we've experienced over the past few months, "change" is exactly what we need right now.

Ironically, the song was intended to be a cathartic release as the singer-songwriter was going through some personal struggles. Celeste reveals, “It was a strange time for me as externally lots of exciting things were happening in my life, but internally I was feeling flat. I felt disconnected from myself and the world around me so I knew something needed to change." Now, her personal journey is providing much-needed music therapy as we cope with the current state of the world.

The stirring ballad was produced by GRAMMY-winning songwriter-producer FINNEAS, best known for his work with little sister, Billie Eilish. While the sparse piano chords and somber overtones initially signal sadness, Celeste's earnest soulfulness imbues the song with a sense of optimism and determination. “It’s difficult for me to fully articulate, but when I started writing the song I pictured a blurry, unidentified image far off in the distance that I knew I had to move closer to...but also realising that the journey wasn’t going to be easy." She continues, "Ultimately the song is about hope and change but knowing that to obtain this requires effort, patience and conviction.”

Celeste has given us a word. Listen to the gorgeous tune below, and let's all keep hope alive as we commit to revolution. "I Can See the Change" is currently available for download as we anxiously await Celeste's debut album, slated for release later this summer.

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