JoJo Refuses To Keep The ‘Small Things’ Bottled Up

Breakup songs are great for getting at the root of how painful falling out of love can be. That being said, some of our favorite songs are really about the aftermath of breaking up and how one copes with that. Some great moments have come from exploring those raw emotions left in the wake of love, from classic cuts like "Good Morning Heartache" or Mariah Carey's underrated cut "Breakdown." Songstress JoJo also approaches the subject on her good to know single "Small Things," and now she's offering up the song's official video.

The clip begins with JoJo walking forward from the dark as dancers pose in bathtubs arranged around her. Eventually, the ladies join her in an interpretive dance that mirrors the emotion she's invested in the song's lyrics, with JoJo focusing on all the small things that remind her of the love she once had. However, one of the key pieces of the visual are scenes in which the singer stands in front of a collection of bottles. Each one represents the emotions she's been bottling up in order to make things seem fine when they really aren't. As the video progresses, she eventually pops the cork of every single one in an effort to free herself and her emotions.

"Here’s a piece of art that we made to express how painful it can be to hold in your feelings," she wrote about the video in its description. "To act like you’re okay, when — in all honesty — you’re not. I wanted this video to feel like catharsis."

The artist also had time to address the current national climate and her support and her hesitance about putting out the video during a time of political unrest.

"I've been trying to wait for the right moment to share this video with you," she wrote. "With everything going on in the world and in our own backyard, I didn’t want anyone to misconstrue its release as some kind of indication that I’ve moved on from the revolution at hand here in America. I want to say it clear as day: Black people made me who I am. Not only my longest-standing friendships, but also the record executives, mentors, teachers, romantic partners, and loyal fans who believed in me and took a chance on me – they have all shaped me. Without their support in every way, and without the artists who inspire me to make music, I would not exist. My support for Black lives/art/love/safety/freedom is not a phase nor does it have an expiration date. I’m honored to be a part of R&B culture and I never take my warm reception for granted."

We don't think JoJo needs to ever doubt we know where she stands, but we appreciate her taking the time to address issues as well as give us art to help cope with the current state of the world.