Jordin Sparks Takes Us Into The ‘Unknown’

Jordin Sparks has been freely giving us her talent ever since competing for (and eventually winning) the crown on the sixth season of American Idol. Though she's limited her output in recent years, she's still been popping up here and there, most recently collaborating with New Kids On The Block and a host of others for "House Party." She's back on her solo steez now, ushering in her next phase with the release of her newest single, "Unknown."

If we didn't know any better, we'd swear that "Unknown" was a contemporary gospel number. It starts off with more than a few hallmarks of the genre. The sounds of an organ kick things off, automatically putting us in the gospel space. Then there are the lyrics themselves. She speaks to an unnamed "you" throughout the song as she asks for strength and guidance through life's journey. "I'm tryna find my place / Keep my pace / Run my race / But I can't push the weight / In my strength / I need your grace," she sings on the pre-chorus. Then she's also joined by a choir on the chorus as she acknowledges, "I know I can't do this alone." Whether the "you" in question is God or another person, Jordin delivers the message with conviction and earnestness, making this one a pretty strong showing.

She hasn't announced a new album just yet, but you can rest assured that this won't be the last time you hear from Jordin Sparks in 2020. Take a listen to the track and learn the lyrics with the lyric video below. Then get your own copy of the inspirational song here.

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