Keke Palmer Flaunts All Her Assets In ‘Thick’

Keke Palmer is a hustler, baby. That's why you've been seeing (and will probably keep seeing) her face on every screen you're on. However, like most of us, the quarantine has sidelined a few of her opportunities. She's making it work for her, though, as she's used the break to focus on her musical endeavors, including dropping a fun video for her latest single, "Thick."

Young Keke dazzles in the clip (which she appears to have been filmed while in quarantine), and it's not just because she has highlighter-colored hair. She's flirty and playful through the song's two-and-a-half-minute runtime, smiling and flirting with the camera like the seasoned pro she is. She doesn't just keep things stationary, though, as she finds her way to a studio to cut it up for TikTok with a choreographer friend and then moving it outside to do the same with a group of masked dancers. To keep it a buck, we'd be lying if we said that this was our favorite song from her. Still, it's fun and the video is a joy to watch — especially in this pandemic times.

You can peep Keke Palmer in all her "Thick" glory in the clip below and pick up the single from your favorite retailer.