Gabriel Garzón-Montano Turns Up In ‘Agüita’ & Announces New Album

Gabriel Garzón-Montano is stepping into a whole new era. Once known as a sensitive singer-songwriter, he's stepping out and showing us a whole new side of himself with his upcoming album Agüita. He's given us a taste of what's coming with recent video "Someone." While that fit closer in the mode we most associate him with, he's coming through with a completely different style with the album's lead single and title track — which he introduces with a music video.

"Agüita," which he first previewed during his arresting COLORS appearance, is a Spanish-language track that showcases Gabriel in a completely different light. Rather than the soft and sweet strains of piano and guitar that accompany his tracks, this one trades in hard-hitting drums, trap-ready hi hats and block-rattling bass. Being that this one is in Spanish and our skills are a bit rusty in that arena, we can't tell you exactly what he's saying here. What we do know, however, is that he's singing with a swagged-out style that is surprising yet fits him so well.

He continues the switch-up with the track's video. It's not his first by a long shot, but it's perhaps the closest he's ever done to a mainstream video. He relishes in the moment by incorporating a troupe of dancers, bikers, cars, multiple locations and more than a few costume changes while flexing something serious for the entirety of the clip's three minutes.

We're eager to hear and see what else Gabriel Garzón-Montano brings on Agüita when it drops on October 2nd (though the set is available for pre-order now). Peep the video below and stick around to see the album's 10-song tracklist.

Gabriel Garzón-Montano Agüita Tracklist

1. Tombs
2. With A Smile
3. Muñeca
4. Fields
5. Mira My Look
6. Moonless
7. Someone
8. Bloom
9. Agüita
10. Blue Dot



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