Gene Noble Is Thankful That He Didn’t Get ‘Matching Tattoos’ With An Ex

Today is National Tattoo Day, a celebration of personal adornments filled with purpose and meaning. But just like many of us have tattoos that we cherish, we also might have a few that we regret. And few tattoos are as regrettable as the name of an ex-lover. Whether it is placed on your arm, lower back or somewhere unmentionable, it is a constant reminder of an unfortunate experience. Gene Noble thanks the heavenly Father, Son and Holy Ghost for avoiding such an error on his new single “Matching Tattoos.”

Over a bass guitar loop, Gene sings about finally finding healing after a painful breakup. “Cuz I don't rock with you / You don't rock with me / How messed up I would be / With a scar reminding me,” he passionately croons on the chorus of the mid-tempo bop. He shares his feelings on the situation, but he also acknowledges that his lover would have a similar experience and likely share the same sentiments – if they were still on speaking terms, that is. We get to see some of the tattoos that don’t cause Gene grief in the lyric video for the track. Against colorful orange, yellow, green and black backdrops, there are also some dancing tattoo needles and other fun elements that bring the lyrics of the track to life.

In addition to the new track, Noble plans to celebrate National Tattoo Day by chatting on IG Live with Black Ink Crew Compton's Nessie Blaze. They'll discuss his new single, along with tattoo horror stories, favorite and least favorite ink and more. You can watch what happens by tuning into Gene's IG page tonight at 7 pm PT / 10 pm ET.

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