H.E.R. Revisits A Reggae Vibe On ‘Do To Me’

After setting her sentiments to music on the singles "I Can’t Breathe" and "I’m Not OK," singer-songwriter H.E.R. chose a more sensual route for her latest release. On the reggae-tinged Swagg R’Celious-produced track “Do To Me” the always unpredictable artist sings of the spell cast by her newfound lover. In her signature, distinctive tone she asks, “Why, why you make me so blind? / Just looking in your eyes, you took my soul for a ride / How, how you make me fall down? Tripping over the sound of you loving me so loud.”

Fans who swayed to her collaboration with Jamaican music royalty Skip Marley on "Slow Down" are happy to hear her once again in this space. The Sister Nancy sample on "Do To Me" instantly transports the listener to a tranquil and tropical place where love flows freely. With everything going on and the struggle of trying to experience some sense of summer despite the risks associated with physical travel right now, we are grateful for this melodic escape. Still, some might be tempted to risk it all, as this bop provides the sexy soundtrack needed for making a romantic retreat a reality.

Grab your lover and let H.E.R.’s “Do to Me” take you on a tropical audio vacation, and be sure to add the track to your adult time playlist from your preferred digital platform. While there’s no word on whether this or her previous singles are meant to lay the groundwork for a new project, she’s kept busy during the pandemic and has given us plenty of life in the meantime.

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