JoJo Pines Over Past Love In ‘Think About You (Acoustic)’

In addition to dropping an acoustic version of her highly-anticipated album good to know, singer-songwriter JoJo blessed anxious fans with the accompanying visual for one of the project’s stand-out tracks. “Think About You (Acoustic)” details her raw reflection over lost love, which is inclusive of her own accountability and savage advice from friends. It’s clear she’s having a hard time getting past the pain as she sings, “I’ve been trying to move on / And it’s obvious that I can’t / It was my fault we’re broken / But I can’t let go of hopin' / So I’ll leave the door wide open.” In her last-ditch effort to make it clear that her former flame still holds space in her heart, she declares, “If it seems like somebody took your spot, well that's just not true / Whatever I, ever I do, I'm gonna think of you.”

For the Zelda Williams-directed visual, we watch as JoJo plays both sides, attempting to move on with a new love while still pining over an old one. We see her soft and sentimental side as she recalls subtle details like the strength of his hands or the scent of his shirt. As she sits at the foot of her bed, she's clearly torn as flashes of both beaus are spotted on either side of her bedroom. Both the song and the capture are painstakingly relatable while serving a more grown-up version of the signature brand of soulful, R&B we’ve come to love JoJo for.

Grab your tissues and watch the visual for “Think About You (Acoustic)” below. You'll want to add the track to your heartbreak playlist and, if you haven’t already, be sure to check out the full good to know (acoustic) project on your preferred digital platform.

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