Lianne La Havas Takes Us To The Studio As She Swims With ‘Weird Fishes’

This week is a big one if you're a fan of Lianne La Havas. The British singer-songwriter is set to drop her self-titled third album very soon and will also do a one-off solo performance tomorrow at The Roundhouse, London. Lianne's also revealing more of herself and her process with the official video for her album track "Weird Fishes."

"Weird Fishes," which is a cover of Radiohead's song of the same name from their 2007 album In Rainbows, is a moody track that can take on many different meanings. Lianne's take stays pretty faithful to the original sonically but something about her take seems altogether different than what the rock band originally produced. In the video, we see part of why that is. The studio session it captures is sparse, with just Lianne, a backing vocalist, a drummer and a keyboardist creating the track. The small crew and the limited camera angles featured here make it all seem especially intimate, almost as if we're watching a group of friends jam out in their garage and not a song being recorded for a commercial album.

Seeing as this recording is begging to be staged, we're sure she'll be whipping out this one during her performance at The Roundhouse. You can still buy your ticket to the broadcast before it goes live on July 15th here. As for Lianne La Havas the album, the set will be in stores worldwide this Friday, July 17th.

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