PJ Morton Pours His Lonely Heart Into ‘I Can’t Wait’

Like many of us during the coronavirus quarantine, PJ Morton is missing the ones he loves. The prolific artist channels his feelings of loneliness and separation into the beautiful, longing ballad “I Can’t Wait.” The GRAMMY Award-winning singer/producer/label owner/[insert creative title here], wrote the song this spring while thinking about people missing someone in their lives during the pandemic and to remind us to cherish the days – both good and bad.

PJ doesn’t beat around the bush, starting the track with a brief tickle of the ivories before simply stating, “I can’t wait until I get back to you.” With just a piano, his heavenly harmonies and a synthesizer or two, the New Orleans native soulfully croons about appreciating what you have instead of suffering the wisdom of Joni Mitchell’s classic line, “You don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone.” The overall production is sparse, but Morton uses all the tools at his disposal to build to an amazing finale that feels like a rush of emotion.

“I Can’t Wait” is the first new release from PJ Morton since he released his most recent live album, The Piano Album, in February. Given the steady clip at which he usually releases music, that’s a bit of a surprise, but we'll blame the slowdown on The Rona.  We’re just happy the “Wait” is over and that PJ has blessed with this short but oh-so-sweet track.

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