Radiant Children Continue To Find The Beauty In Self-Care With ‘Mariposa’

In case it wasn't clear, Radiant Children cares about your well-being during these trying times. They first expressed this with the release of their single "Sky Mind" earlier this year. Now the UK-based trio is back to further espouse their message of self-care with their newest track "Mariposa."

Rather than speaking to the general "you" like they did on "Sky Mind," they focus on a specific subject for "Mariposa." The subject is a bad chick doing bad chick things with a focus on protecting her energy. "Dressed in a silky kimono / Rarely ever see her in a photo / Oh, she's okay with being alone though / Oh, she's been working on her glow glow," sings vocalist Fabienne Holloway. "Reading & reading & reading / She stay ahead 'cause they always be stealing / Stay in tune with her feelings / Stay in tune with the meaning." Helping the message get into our ears is a light airy grooved underscored with a super thick bass line reminiscent of the G-Funk era. Once it kicks in near the track's beginning, a head nod becomes absolutely necessary as the track transports us to a happy place and encourages us to ask for what we want from the universe.

If we're being honest, what we would love from the universe is a full-length debut from Radiant Children, especially when every song they've released is an undeniable jam. Guess we'll see if the universe grants us our wish before 2020 is out. Until then, add "Mariposa" to your self-care playlist after you give it a spin below.

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