EARTHGANG Gets Kooky As Puppets In ‘Top Down’

Puppets are often thought to be child's play from Lambchop to the Muppets. Don't get it twisted, though, puppets can get just as raunchy and adult as they can be wholesome and sweet. Just ask the fellas of EARTHGANG. The Dreamville duo is still on a promotional roll for their 2019 debut album Mirrorland, which means that they're cranking videos out from the set. The latest is a clip for their track "Top Down" that features the fellas going the Avenue Q route.

The clip wastes no time getting to business as it shows puppet versions of the group cruising down the streets in their ride (with their top down, of course). They they automatically differentiate it from the kid-friendly puppet fare with a visit to the strip club. Puppet ladies spin around poles and shake their thangs to the sounds of a nimble verse from Olu  (who made a decent cover of Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On" when we last checked in with him). They don't stay there too long, though, as they take things under the sea for WowGr8's verse as all the mermaids in the sea get down to the rhymes that he's spitting. Their shenanigans continue once they get back on dry land as they speed down the animated streets in their ride before the video ends with the law catching up with them on the street. We don't get to see what happens there, but we have a feeling everything might work out yet for our brothers in felt.

With everyone having to get creative during quarantine, this video might be one of the most creative things we've seen. Here's hoping the fellas of EARTHGANG keep the creative vibes coming as we prepare to enter the year's final quarter.

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