Jazmine Sullivan Stuns With A Live Rendition Of ‘Lost One’

Jazmine Sullivan is coming for our emotions, man! The singer-songwriter dropped her latest single "Lost One" last week and had us pouring brown liquor and shedding tears as we sang the song's lyrics. She isn't satisfied with wringing out our feelings with a studio version, however, as she's recently released video of a live rendition of the track that tugs even harder at the heartstrings.

For the live performance, Jazmine invites us into a comfy and eclectic living space where she and her band are set up to perform. Her backing singers are carefully arranged around the guitar player while Jazmine, who is impeccably dressed in a silky mauve number, sits off to the side of them. The strains of guitar lead us into the performance while the backing vocalists provide lush, airy harmonies that feel as soft as clouds. Jazzy, meanwhile, does her good singing as her raspy alto dredge up the pain of losing a love that you realize could've been the one. While we know that Jazmine Sullivan live is always an experience, there's something about this intimate experience that goes beyond simply seeing her on stage. It also has us anxious for the time when we can finally enjoy concerts in person again.

As we mentioned previously, "Lost One" will be part of an upcoming EP that Jazmine has said will drop soon. You'd best believe that we'll be waiting for it when it does. Get into Jazmine's raw vocal talent when you check out her live rendition of the track below.