Masego Prepares To Take Us On His Next Journey With His ‘Passport’

Wouldn't you like to get away? Sadly, that's not really an option in these quarantine times (especially if you're trying to leave the continental United States). You can have a musical getaway any time you want, though. Hoping to aid you in that is Masego, who is getting ready to release his as-yet-untitled concept EP in the near future. Before he does that though, he offers his latest single "Passport."

Like many of us, Masego wants to get away in the worst way possible. "I can't wait to get out / Things are lookin' too familiar," he sings on the opening verse. He then breaks things down further on the chorus, singing, "Got my passport / I've been searching, I've been working / To get out this town / Country hoppin'." It's not an uncommon thought, though it's very relatable. He keeps things simple on the instrumental front as well, with a Japanese koto providing most of the melody amid a strong kick drum, snare and hi-hats as he muses about going anywhere but here in both English and Japanese (yeah, you read that right).

"Passport" is Masego's third solo single this year following "King's Rant" and "Veg Out (Wasting Thyme)," though it's unclear if those will also appear on the upcoming EP. Get into the dreamy sound of "Passport" along with dreamy images to match when you press play on the song's visualizer below.

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