Pink Sweat$ Accepts The Highs & The ‘Lows’ Of Love

If you consider the general shifts that have been occurring in R&B music since the start of the 2000s – which has found the genre’s lyrics becoming more and more sexually explicit and it’s musical production values skew heavily towards booming drum machines and sparse trap-inspired instrumentation – you can easily see why so many critics consider up and coming singer-songwriter Pink Sweat$ something of an anomaly. Many of his most notable numbers have bucked the aforementioned trends and have instead showcased the 28-year-old Philadelphia native’s preference for weaving his magic through open-hearted balladry on songs like “Honesty," “No Replacing You” and “I Know.” Keeping that same energy, Pink Sweat$ emotes a similar earnestness and vulnerability on the single “Lows.”

Taken from the recently released EP The Prelude, “Lows” is a touching pledge of fidelity that drapes the ears in softly sung lyrics and a relaxing acoustic guitar for most of its three-minute runtime before deepening its hold with the addition of swirling synthesizers, haunting choruses and plush drums. The lyrics have our singer vowing to be dedicated to his lady love through thick and thin. There is a soothing, lullaby-like quality to the piece, which helps to cement Pink Sweat$'s reputation as an expert in making intimately expressed R&B.

Directors David Karp and Courtney Loo (of the video production and music management company Thrice Cooked Media) create some endearing imagery to accompany "Lows" via a charming music video. In it, Sweat$ and model/actress Calli Ella are cast as a young couple who manage to keep their love affair alive through all of the ups and downs that this life has to offer. We see the pair cozied up in the hilltops surrounding Los Angeles as well as laughing and loving life while trekking through the city streets. And while a few scenes reveal occasional moments of tension between the two, that only hammers home the song’s message of dedication through the bitter as well as the sweet.

As previously mentioned, “Lows” is lifted from Pink Sweat$'s The Prelude EP, which is itself an opening salvo meant to hold fans over until he serves up his highly anticipated debut album Pink Planet. So while you wait for that album to appear, fall under the soft spell of “Lows” and remember just how romantic R&B music can be.

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