Radiant Children Shine On With Something ‘Rare’

It seems like 2020 has been nothing but bad news. However, there have been bright glimmers of hope throughout the year, with many coming from musicians that we've love. Radiant Children has been a constant source of some of those moments with new songs "Mariposa" and "Sky Mind." Now the British trio is back again with feel-good vibes on their latest single "Rare."

Like the previous singles, "Rare" is good vibes only with an easy, breezy feel thanks to a solid bass line adorned by warm chords and soulful rhythm guitar. It's the perfect stage for vocalist Fabienne Holloway to get her flirt on as she makes her move on a rare specimen. She proposes that she and her new flame could be the new "Eric and Rosario" as she delights in the quirky energy that they're both bringing. "Gold in the slipstream / No palace no ‘preme / Yeah you rare / & I don’t wanna share," she sings on the chorus. "We’re like ships in the night / Anything you need / Yeah, I’m on the next flight / 'Cause I know you care / Yeah you rare." The song's romantic notions are capped off by dulcet harmonies that bleed into a sax solo at song's end, making this a smooth experience from beginning to end.

With all this new music, one would think that Radiant Children might have something lined up for us in the near future. The crew haven't tipped their hand if they do, however. We'll keep both our eyes and ears open for any news on that front while you take a listen to "Rare" right here.


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