Thundercat Shares His ‘Dragonball Durag’ With Smino & Guapdad 4000

Thundercat released his latest album, It Is What It Is, in April of this year. Given the way time seems to be functioning during this quarantine, though, you'd be forgiven for thinking it came out over a year ago. Perhaps because he sensed that our concept of time is out of whack these days, Thundercat has decided to breath some new life into his single "Dragonball Durag" with a remix that's punched up with appearances by rappers Smino and Guapdad 4000.

The bassist/singer doesn't change much about the song to accommodate his guests. The elastic bass line and keys that make the track sound like it's straight out of the '70s is still there, as are the embellishments that help his falsetto sing. However, Smino and Guapdad 4000 make things even wavier (see what we did there?) with their contributions. Each takes their turn slightly melodic intros before they get to spitting some super slick game with quick-witted flows that keep the vibe mellow and effortlessly cool.

In case you, too, feel like it's been a long time since you took a listen to It Is What It Is, we'd suggest going back for a relisten (it's one of the best of the year thus far). But first, listen to this update of "Dragonball Durag" and then pick up a copy for your own personal collection.

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