Camper & Brandy Are Restless In Love On ‘Sleep’

2020 has been a great year for R&B fans as many our favorites have been dropping singles and projects to get us through this quarantine. What you might not know is that producer DJ Camper has been behind a great deal of them. He's also been making moves as a solo artist under the name Camper as he prepares to release his solo debut. For "Sleep," the latest single from the mysterious album, he taps frequent collaborator Brandy.

Interestingly enough, "Sleep" seems to be a musical cousin of "Lucid Dreams," a Camper-produced track from Brandy's recent B7. The verses have a similar cadence and the dreamy, ambient musical backdrop is there. However, where Brandy's track kept things loose and flowing with minimal percussion, "Sleep" goes with a more traditional sound as Camper sings of a love that keeps him up at night. Brandy doesn't actually contribute her own verse here, either. Instead, she plays the background, adding beautiful harmonies as she echoes his words and contributing ad-libs here and there. The use of Brandy for backgrounds adds amazing texture to the song, making this yet another memorable collaboration between the two. What can we say, Camper and Brandy are a musical match made in heaven.

Camper seems content with giving as little info about his upcoming album as possible, with "Sleep" coming nearly six months after lead single "Grip." Perhaps we'll get a proper release date (and a title, while we're at it) before 2020 calls it quits. Only time will tell. Check out the latest from Camper featuring Brandy when you press play.

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