Omarion Gets ‘Involved’ In Some Relationship Drama

Your boy Omarion has got an album dropping at the end of the month. While that means fans will be clamoring for the sounds he'll be bringing on The Kinection, we're most excited because that means we'll be getting some top-notch visuals from the singer who is just as known for his fancy footwork. Our first taste of that comes in the form of the music video for his latest single "Involved."

The song itself touches on the aftermath of a breakup. The video, however, takes us into the relationship drama that caused the split in the first place. His ex-girl is portrayed as a self-centered, materialistic princess who was never satisfied. One look at her behavior and it's no wonder why he's moving on to the next with a smile on his face. The drama isn't the only pull of the video, though, as O is also allowing screen time for him to bust out some moves with a two-man crew that proves that he's still got what it takes in the dance department.

It's clear that Omarion will be attacking us from all fronts with this upcoming album. We'll see what else he'll be bringing our way when The Kinection drops on October 30th. Until then, you can peep the video for "Involved" when you press play.