Reel People & Speech Celebrate Unexpected Love With ‘I Never Knew’

As the days begin to cool and the fall brings in gray skies and warm clothes, it can be easy to forget the fun and spontaneity of the summer months. One thing to keep those carefree vibes alive is music that captures that breathless, spring-summer feeling. Reel People have always been about that life, and they continue the tradition by inviting Arrested Development frontman Speech along for the ride on their fun new single "I Never Knew."

"I Never Knew" is all about finding the unexpected in love. Speech is the perfect conduit for the song, as he's giving us both rhymes and vocals over the upbeat track that blends hip-hop, dance and soul for a fun and free groove. His rhymes detail his shock and surprise at finding someone that meets all his romantic needs and even checks some boxes he didn't consider. "I never knew / I would ever see a love like this / Not me, baby / Maybe some other dude," he sings on the chorus while in awe of the man he can be with his special kind of love.

The track's video works around the limitations of a pandemic by capturing Speech and a dancer solo and then marrying the performances with colorful backgrounds and explosive effects. The clever choice adds to the song's appeal and keeps things visually interesting without overdoing the effect.

"I Never Knew" is lifted from Reel People's upcoming four-track EP Dancing On The Moon, which will act as a prelude to their star-studded upcoming album Love2 set to launch in 2021. You can check out the Spotify stream and colorful video for "I Never Knew" below and purchase the single from your favorite digital music provider.

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