RILEY Makes Her Intentions Clear In ‘Creepin”

RILEY is turning heads with her debut EP and finally getting the attention she's due. The self-titled project finds the singer rightfully feeling herself in many instances. One such case is the track "Creepin'," on which she makes the case for keeping a love affair on the low in order to see the possibilities that might blossom from it without prying eyes. Now she takes us deeper into that narrative with the song's captivating visual.

Similar to the video for "BGE," the clip for "Creepin'" focuses on RILEY looking glamorous in several fashions — this time rocking the hell out of some windowpane plaid prints. Fly clothes aren't the only things she's flaunting, though, as she's spending quite a bit of time with a very attractive man. Long story short, she illustrates just how fun and exciting keeping a budding love affair on the QT can be. And honestly, who doesn't love the thrill of a stolen moment between lovers? There isn't much else narrative-wise to the story, though things get so steamy that there really is no need for a concrete plot.

RILEY seems intent on going full steam ahead now that she's finally stepped fully into the music arena. Now that she's arrived, we can't wait to see what else she's got up her stylish sleeves.

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