VanJess Wet Our Whistles With ‘High & Dry’

VanJess has something going on. Just a month ago, the duo dropped their sultry jam "Come Over" and its accompanying video. We figured we wouldn't be getting anything from the sisters until at least the end of the year, but here they are once again with their second new single of the year "High & Dry."

"High & Dry" finds VanJess continuing their seductive musical mission. This time, however, they're offering their love over a slow, relaxed groove that ripples like water in a stream. It's the ideal musical backdrop for the lyrics as the ladies offer to quench our thirst. "Whenever you’re feeling high and dry / Wet your lips with my love, baby / I’m the one, you’ll call to hold it down / Come and take a dip when you get high, high / High and dry, dry," they coo in harmony on the song's chorus. Meanwhile, the lyrics of the verses mix talk of loyalty and sensuality with clever wordplay that keeps you guessing.

As we said before, the ladies of VanJess are definitely up to something. What that something is still remains a mystery for now. If it is a new project, please believe we won't be the only ones welcoming it with open arms. Until they confirm just that, though, we're happy to press play and float in the mesmerizing harmonies of this talented twosome.

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