Vivian Green Wants To Be ‘Where You Are’

We couldn't be happier that we'll be getting a brand-new album from songstress Vivian Green next month. We already know that Love Absolute will wow us, as evidenced by its stunning lead single "You Send Me." Vivian isn't letting us catch our breath, though, as she's only waited a week to wow us again with the project's next single "Where You Are."

"Where You Are" stands up to many of Vivian's romantic ballads. A slow, deliberate drum beat sets the pace as synth keys provide the lovely melody for the track. Viv, meanwhile, supplies the soul as she longs to be with her lover. "And I miss you already, baby / Call me just as soon as you get home," she sings on the first verse. "And maybe just like teenagers / We'll fall asleep while we're on the phone." That helpless, all-encompassing love continues throughout the track as she gushes about wanting her lover near her at all times. The lovesick lyricism isn't the only thing on display here, though. While her vocal is more subdued than her usual outings, she shows out near the song's end, giving us range and longing all at once.

Vivian Green always brings it and it looks like Love Absolute will be no exception. Join us in counting down the days until November 13th when you take a listen to "Where You Are" below.

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