Gene Noble Wants To Get You Lifted With ‘Champagne Jack’

When the troubles of the world get to be too much, we sometimes need a little something extra special to help us relieve all the anger, stress and frustration. For some it’s liquor, for others it's that sticky icky and for some of us it’s the pleasure of another. Bounce-Worthy singer-songwriter Gene Noble delivers some music therapy on his latest single “Champagne Jack” that brings to mind all of the above.

Over a hypnotic groove of programmed drums, synths and layered background vocals, Gene cleverly sings about the strain of Mary Jane referenced in the song's title. "I'll always be (Here) / Lay your burdens down, I'm (Here for you) / Come a little close, and put your lips right (Here)," he entices on the chorus, leaving us to wonder if he's just singing about the Sativa or if he's the one providing a natural high. Regardless, the track is a whole vibe, made for the bedroom or for blowing a few smoke rings, as Mr. Noble drowns out the troubles of the word with his melodic melisma and heaven-sent harmonies.

Gene dropped the music video for "Champagne Jack" simultaneously with the single, and the visual takes any confusion about the subject matter away. The clip opens with a young woman in her car pulled over on the side of the road in the midst of a heated discussion via text with the man she’s been seeing. Unfortunately, the situation doesn’t have a happy ending. Thankfully, she remembers that she has some herb with her. Before she can even light up, the visual changes to an animated clip where homegirl goes on a psychedelic trip. Animated lips sing the song's lyrics that appear on screen in smoke clouds, and we even see Gene's physical outline in the stars while she floats through the air. It's quite a colorful and trippy video that mimics getting lifted, but listening to Gene Noble's voice is really the only high we need.

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