Jam & Lewis And Babyface Serenade The Ladies In ‘He Don’t Know Nothin’ Bout It’

When Jam & Lewis announced that they'd be dropping a collaboration with Babyface, music heads knew they would be getting deep into their '90s R&B feels. Those expectations were met when the fellas released their single "He Don't Know Nothin' Bout It." They delivered a smooth blend of their respective styles that had us feeling super nostalgic. They keep that energy up with the release of the track's official visual.

If you remember the '90s, then you definitely remember the colorful video treatments in which model-esque women move and groove to the track. They recreate that vibe here, with several very beautiful ladies swaying to the rhythm of "He Don't Know Nothin' Bout It" in impeccably decorated surroundings. It's not just about the ladies though. We get to see some of the behind-the-scenes process as Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis and Babyface put down the track. We also get to see Face perform the track against a brightly colored backdrop while looking as cool as ever.

So, if you're a youngster wanting to see how it's supposed to be done or an old head ready to relive your heyday, this is one you'll love to see. You can get into your '90s bag is when you press play.

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