Joyce Wrice Gets Over Her Lovesick Blues In ‘So So Sick’

Just last week, Joyce Wrice offered us the breezy breakup jam "So So Sick." The track is a perfect slice of '90s-inspired R&B that channels the feel of the era without aping it directly. With that decade woven in its DNA, it's no surprise that the visual for the track also nods to the era.

Starting with the singer embracing her Japanese-American heritage by kissing off her lover in Japanese and telling him to get his ish and get out. Joyce then re-enacts the Bernadine scene from Waiting To Exhale by going ham on a few of his belongings before she calls her girls over to talk about what she's going through. It's also in this moment that Joyce shows off her dancing skills, a talent that she hasn't really shown a lot of since she's been on the scene. It's not the last we see of the skill, either, as she and her girls bust a few moves after cruising around L.A. in their drop-top ride. As with all good things, the video must come to an end. This clip closes with Joyce's man (played by rapper Smino) coming to get his stuff only to find it demolished and scattered all over the place. Sorry to that man.

With this kind of push for the single, we can only imagine what Joyce Wrice has coming down the pike for 2021. We'll just have to wait patiently for more news from the indie artist. Luckily, we can also watch her do her thing in "So So Sick."

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